Once you have completed the account change, you will receive two emails:

1. the order confirmation:

With the message that your change request has been registered and is now technically completed. 

Here you will already find a link to your online payment partners where you can unfortunately only change your bank details online.

2. The account change package:

The account bill of exchange package contains a Transfer protocol and, depending on the optional scope of service, several files in "PDF" format:

  • Account change package for archiving
    • Here all files are summarized in a PDF. It is sufficient if you keep this file for your records.
  • Transfer protocol
    • Here you can see at a glance all the payment partners that have been selected in the service. Arranged according to "inform yourself" and "inform automatically" (depending on the settings you have made).
  • Form Altbank (optional)
    • If you have selected accounts for cancellation, you will receive this form. 
    • Please print it out, sign it and submit it to your old bank.
  • Send it yourself (optional)
    • All documents for payment partners that you may have wanted to send yourself are stored here.
  • Standing orders
    • If the system has determined standing orders, you receive an overview of them.
  • How to set up standing orders